How Long Will CBD Stay in My Body

If you are thinking about taking CBD you must be wondering how long it will stay in my body.  With all of the research being done on benefits and by speaking with friends or relatives using CBD, it is easy to obtain information on the potential benefits of using it.  What is not so easy is to find reliable information on how long it will stay in our bodies.

There are many factors that determine how long CBD stays in your system and provides benefits but the two main factors is the dosage you consume and the type of product you are taking.

Types of CBD

CBD can be purchased in a plethora of different products such as:

  • oils,
  • edibles and
  • creams,

All CBD provides the same benefits.  Depending on the delivery method, they are absorbed in our bodies at different rates and thus will gradually drop off at different times.  Vaping is the fasted delivery and will take effect almost immediately. Sublingual tinctures are quickly absorbed by our blood vessels and benefits should be felt in as fast as 15 minutes.  CBD in edibles or capsules are a little slower to take effect and that can be an hour or more.

CBD Dosage

After you have chosen the type of CBD product you want, you must then decide what the appropriate dosage is.  Always remember to start with a small amount and increase until the proper dose is achieved. As a general rule, the higher the dosage, the longer the CBD will stay in your system.

So for how long will the CBD provide benefits

CBD should provide on average up to 7 hours of benefits and then slowly fade away.  Even after the benefits fade, you will likely still have traces of CBD in your system and most studies point to an average of about 5 days.  Smaller doses may leave the body in less time and higher doses can remain for longer.

Comforting CBD only sells the finest CBD brands with the hemp being sourced from farms with only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade plants.  What is listed in the ingredients is what is in the bottle, no more and no less. You can be assured that nothing unexpected will remain in your body or bloodstream for longer than expected.

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