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  • How Long Will CBD Stay in My Body

    If you are thinking about taking CBD you must be wondering how long it will stay in my body.  With all of the research being done on benefits and b...
  • How much CBD should I take to help me with my anxiety?

    This is a tough question to answer but taking the proper dose of CBD for anxiety can be made a little easier. Simply put... Start with a small dos...
  • Helpful Hints When Buying CBD and Hemp Products

    Buying a quality CBD product at a fair price can be very difficult given the large number of brands and products available. 
  • ComfortingCBD.com will donate 5% of all sales to the JDCH in 2019

    A percentage of the site's sales will be donated to the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in the hopes that the money can be used to find a cure for Neonatal Epilepsy.